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QIO EINS P-5 Unisex, 20" (2022)

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A quick ride to get fresh bread and the daily newspaper for breakfast: A typical scenario at... more
Product information "QIO EINS P-5 Unisex, 20" (2022)"

A quick ride to get fresh bread and the daily newspaper for breakfast: A typical scenario at a campsite. But with the wrong bike, even this can become an uncomfortable choreIn order to get to and back from the corner store as comfortably as possible, QiO's "EINS P-5" is exactly your thing. The e-compact bike can be nimbly manoeuvred with its 20” wheels, while the parallelogram suspension seatpost ensures a high level of comfort on the campground’s bumpy gravel roads. 

But this new bike is compact not by chance. Thanks to its size, the folding pedals and the 90° rotatable handlebars, the "EINS P-5" is ideal for packing it on a camping van. Or even for home and daily routes through the city. The bike can be parked in small spaces or in narrow basement rooms. Thanks to the handle, you can also carry it up and down the stairs very easily.  

The BOSCH "Performance" motor, which gets you up to 25 km/h with a powerful assist, is always there. It draws its energy from the 500 Wh "PowerPack". The battery can be easily removed and plugged in for charging thanks to the favourable seatstay position. For shifting dears, the 5-speed SHIMANO "Nexus" internally geared hub is on duty, transferring its power to the low-maintenance GATES belt.  

The combination of internally geared hub and belt makes QiO’s "EINS P-5" almost maintenance-free. The belt runs without grease and can be cleaned with water, the internally geared hub is from the ground up less susceptible to defects – ideal for commuters or even holidays at a campsite, because even then you just want to sit on the bike and start riding. 

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properties "QIO EINS P-5 Unisex, 20" (2022)"
Kategorie: Kompaktrad
E-Rad: ja
Antriebssystem: Bosch
Antriebsvariante: Mittelmotor
Akkukapazität: 500 Wh
Unterstützung: bis 25 km/h
Geschlecht: Unisex
Rahmenform: Unisex
Rahmenhöhe: 47 cm
Laufradgröße: 20"
Antrieb: Riemenantrieb
Schaltungsart: Nabenschaltung
Gänge: 5-Gang
Schaltungsmarke: Shimano
Schaltungsmodell: Nexus
Bremssystem: hydraulische Scheibenbremse, Rücktrittbremse
Ausstattung: Elektronische Schiebehilfe, Kettenschutz, Schutzbleche
Zulässiges Gesamtgewicht: 140 kg
Material: Aluminium
Farbbezeichnung: beryl blue matt, crystal white matt, dark violett matt, ferrari red matt, ice blue, lead metal, light olive matt, soft mint
Modelljahr: 2022
Specifications "QIO EINS P-5 Unisex, 20" (2022)"
Rahmen: QIO Bosch, Alu
Schaltauge: Slider Dropout
Gabel: Alu
Steuersatz: Token"TK1566E-CU01"
Kurbelarme: STRONGLIGHT "Magan"
Kettenblatt / Riemenscheibe: GATES, CDX, 46Z
Innenlager: BOSCH
Bremse: TRP HD-EU817
Bremshebel: TRP HD-EU817
Bremsscheibe V.R.: 180mm Centerlock
Bremsscheibe H.R.: 160mm centerlock
Schalthebel: SHIMANO "Nexus", 5-Gg.
Zahnkranz / Riemenscheibe: GATES, "CDX, 28 Z."
Kette / Riemen: GATES "CDX, 125Z"
Motor: BOSCH Mittelmotor "Performance", 36 V, 250 W Nenn-Dauerleistung
Akku: BOSCH "Powerpack 500", Lithium-Ionen mit BMS, 500 Wh
Ladegerät: Bosch 4 Ah
Display: BOSCH, "Intuvia " 4-Stufen, Remote Control, Schiebehilfe
Sensor: Tretkraftmessung im Motor + Geschwindigkeitssensor
Felgen: SCHÜRMANN "YAK 25" , 36 Loch Disc ungeöst
Speichen: Niro
Nabe V.R.: SHIMANO "Deore HB-M6000"
Nabe H.R.: SHIMANO "Nexus" 5-Gg. LL
Reifen V.R.: CONTINENTAL "E Contact" Plus 62-406
Reifen H.R.: CONTINENTAL "E Contact" Plus 62-406
Lenker: BYSCHULZ "superstrong", Ø 31,8 mm, 680mm
Vorbau: BYSCHULZ"SDS", Ø 31,8 mm, SPEEDLIFTER Twist "T22", 220 mm Auszug, 1,1/4
Griff: HERRMANS "Clik Ergo"
Sattel: SELLE ROYAL "Nuvola 5060"
Sattelstütze: BYSCHULZ "G2" Federsattelstütze, antitheft 34,9mm x 400mm, schwarz Alu
Kettenschutz: CURANA "C+" zweiteilig
Schutzbleche: SKS "A69 R" matt schw.
Gepäckträger: QiO "MIK-HD" Systemträger
Scheinwerfer: CONTEC "DLUX 80E+" DC 60cm Kabel
Rücklicht: CONTEC "TL-335" Stop 50mm 6-12V
Ständer: URSUS "King-EVO" 40mm schwarz
Pedale: UNION "SP-153" Faltpedal