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Lock Set One Key Solution

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Product information "Lock Set One Key Solution"
The QiO lock set "One Key Solution" consists of the Protect-O-Connect frame lock "RS 480 AZ", a plug-in chain from TRELOCK and a locking cylinder for the battery. The frame lock is perfect, if you only want to secure your QiO bike in front of a bakery.

With the 100 cm long plug-in chain, you can increase the theft protection even more. The locks for the battery and the frame use the same locking cylinder and can be operated using the removable reversible key. By the way, a reversible key is characterised by the fact that you can insert it into the lock either way. It also uses drilled wells instead of sharp edges, so it doesn’t damage your bag.

The "One Key Solution" lock set cannot currently be fitted to the EINSx.
Technical data "QIO Lock Set One Key Solution"
System: TRELOCK O-Connect
Locking type: key
Key version: removable
Material: nylon, steel
Type: Article
Colour: black
Weight: 1,82 kg
EAN 8713249306582