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Basket Bag Basket Bag Lena

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Product information "Basket Bag Basket Bag Lena"
The basket bag "Lena" is just ideal for shopping or sports stuff on the way. With its capacity of 16,9 liters, it can be neatly packed.

Basket bag "Lena" is made to be placed in a basket. So you can easily combine it with our basket "Martje" and "Crate Box Fred". A full-length zipper allows you to open the waterproof bag completely, so you have easy access. Valuables can be stored in the small inner pocket.
Technical data "QIO Basket Bag Basket Bag Lena"
Design: textile bag
Pack capacity: 16,90 l
Width: 30,00 cm
Height: 22,00 cm
Length: 35,00 cm
Material: polyester
Type: Article
Colour: black
Weight: 0,31 kg
EAN 4260416642799