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Trailer Coupling Bob

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Product information "Trailer Coupling Bob"
You would like to take children or a large dog in a trailer? Or rather transport heavier loads or groceries home? The trailer hitch "Bob" can be attached to the rear stay of your EINS or EINS+ model with an adapter specially designed for QiO. "Bob" is therefore compatible with all trailers with Weber drawbar connection, the adapter ensures an optimal height of the drawbar and thus a horizontal position of the trailer, corresponding Weber drawbar connections for different trailer models please note separately if required. With a towing capacity of up to 80 kg, all transport issues in everyday life are thus solved.
Technical data "QIO Trailer Coupling Bob"
Coupling: Weber axle attachment
Max. load on the bike: 80,00 kg
Type: Accessories
Colour: black
Weight: 0,22 kg
EAN 4251971124578