What is the maximum permissible total weight of the QiO models?

The permissible total weight of all QiO models is 180kg. This means that the bike can be loaded with up to 180kg including its own weight (approx. 27kg), rider weight and luggage. The maximum rider weight is 150kg for the EINS+ and up to 120kg for the other models.

How much does the QiO weight?
The weight of a QiO e-compact bike is actually not much different from other e-bikes. Why is that?

The weight results mainly from the applied Gravity Casting process for the frame. The complex and rigid frame shape results in the advantage of a higher load and a safe riding experience. As the focus for us since the beginning of the design of the QiO e-bike was the transport of children, we have consciously accepted the slightly higher weight for this.

How far will I be able to get with my QiO?

This depends on many different factors. However, with the help of the Bosch range calculator, you can get an approximate estimate of how many kilometers one battery charge will last.

How long is the QiO?

The total length is 1,64m.

All dimensions for the QiO EINS / EINS+ / EINSx you can find here: 

How much weight is allowed on the rear rack?
Why 20“ tires?

The small wheels provide faster acceleration, despite less effort. In addition, there is more space above the front wheel for more luggage.

What is the seat tube dimension?

The seat tube dimension is 40mm and is reduced to 34,9mm.

For what body size is the QiO suitable?

Following our motto "One Bike Fits All", people from a height of 1,60m to 1,90m can ride it.

Is there an XXL version?

Yes, our EINS+ P-E model allows a maximum total weight of up to 180kg (QiO + rider + luggage). This allows you a load capacity of about 150kg, which can be divided between the rider's weight and the luggage.


Is there a pedelec version (45 km/h)?

No, a pedelec variant does not exist and is not currently planned.

How high is the step-through height?

The step-through height is about 46cm.

Is there an anti-theft device for the seatpost?

Yes, all EINS models are equipped with a theft-proof seatpost.

Which mounting option has the rear rack?

The system carrier has a "MIK HD" adapter.

Important! The luggage rack must NOT be dismantled, as it has a load-bearing function on the bike.

What is the meaning of MIK HD abbreviation?

The MIK system is an innovative fastening system for bike racks that allows various accessories such as baskets or bags to be connected quickly and securely - by just one click - to the carrier.

"HD" stands for Heavy Duty and allows the mounting of a MIK HD bike seat.